Chileeeeee Booooo! Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Launches ‘Our Black Party’

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Sean “Diddy” Combs has announced the launch of “Our Black Party.” The newly launched initiative seeks to encourage Black Americans to seize their political power regardless of their political affiliations. 

“Our Black Party exists to advance a political agenda that addresses the needs of Black people. We envision an America where Black people are liberated and participate freely in the political, economic, and social systems that work together for our benefits,” the party’s website states.

“We will power the Black political agenda by developing a coalition of people and organizations committed to building Black political power and fiercely advocating for radical change that dramatically improves the quality of life for Black people in America.”

The entertainment mogul sat down with the Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God to discuss the matter further. During their in-depth interview, Combs said that he felt compelled to launch the initiative because of President Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign. Diddy explained that he felt that if the President were to be re-elected that a race war would ensue.

“I think this President has done a great job of rattling America. When you move in fear, you don’t have any leverage,” he told the iHeartRadio host.

“White men like Trump need to be banished. That way of thinking is really dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote. We’re in a war and we’re not taking this like it’s a war. We’re taking it like it’s an election. No, we’re in a war of love versus hate. The number one priority is to get Trump out of office.”

After participating in the interview with Black Effect Podcast network host, he took to Twitter to explain his motivation behind setting this idea in motion.

“Things have got too serious. It would be irresponsible of me to have us hold our vote hostage. But it would also be irresponsible of me to let this moment go by and not make sure going forward we are doing what it takes to own our politics,” he tweeted.

“We need to get Biden in and hold him accountable. Trump has taken things too far. As Black people, we aren’t even a topic of real discussion. We can no longer stand for doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. That’s insanity! It’s time we unify.”

Diddy is now encouraging voters to sign up for “Our Black Party” through the organization’s website in order to learn more.

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