Chile Boooo..Nicki Minaj BLASTS Beyonce In New Song – Suggests Jay Z Still Cheats!!

Nicki Minaj is gearing up for one of the biggest wars in the history of female entertainers. According to two people close to Nicki, she’s looking to start beef with Beyonce.

One of Nicki’s friends, who explains how Nicki and Beyonce’s relationship is not the best.

According to Nicki’s friend, Nicki feels that Beyonce took Cardi B’s side, when she was feuding with Nicki. The friend explained, “When Nicki was with Meek, [her and Beyonce] were good. But ever since they split, Beyonce’s been acting funny.”

Word On The Curb..”Nicki and Beyonce aren’t close anymore.”

And yesterday, Nicki appears to have shot the first arrow. She dropped a bar that appears to be dissing Beyonce, and it’s explosive. The bar not only went at Bey, but it suggesting that Beyonce’s husband, hip hop legend Jay Z (who is a good friend to Nicki’s ex Meek Mill) is still cheating.

Jay Z publicly admitted to carrying on multiple affairs on Beyonce, during their marriage. And Beyonce made an entire album, Lemonade, about it.

So what’s the diss?

Well earlier this week, Beyonce released the Savage remix, with Megan Thee Stallion. In it Bey says the lyrics: “wanna see a real ass baby here’s your chance.”

Last night, Nicki released a Say So remix with Doja Cat, and she responded to Bey, saying: “that real ass won’t keep your man at home.”

Nicki also suggested that Beyonce had “fillers” in her face. Beyonce has been accused of using lip fillers in the past.

Twitter is already gearing up for the mega-battle:

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