Chile Boo…Tamar Braxton Pens Eye-Popping Message And Some Say Tiny Harris And Husband T.I. Should Be Inspired By It

Tamar Braxton has been surrounded by some controversy lately, as she made specific comments about gay men that were not accepted entirely positively by her followers and commenters in general.

However, it does not seem like the star is planning to bow down to the criticism anytime soon.

Entirely, on the contrary, she has taken a stand and has made various statements about her position that have reiterated her point over and over again: she is proud of who she is, and has no regrets in this regard

Braxton specifically addressed some statements that have been made against her on social media recently, such as the claim of a man who had a dream where she was begging him to take her back after a breakup.

And according to Braxton, even though this has happened once in her past, she was no longer the type of woman who would ever go through that and bring herself down in such a manner.

She wrote: “These dudes are seriously crazy. On my death bed, my last breath will NEVER be….ooooh, please take me back!! See, back then, I didn’t let him know I knew my worth!!!! I probably had him thinking he means more to me than me meaning more to me, and that’s MY fault!!” Tamar continued to add words of wisdom for anyone in a similar situation. “We treat people how to treat us. If you stand for bullsh*t, that’s what you are going to get. If you demand respect, you’ll be treated as such!! Some of you’ll got theses dudes heads swollen!! Take a stand and do right by you for once!”

Her recent statements have been met with even more controversy by some of her fans, and it seems like her followers are a bit divided over whether or not she is going too far with her attitude.

One person had this reaction: “This time it isn’t the message, it’s the messenger. She needs to beg herself to come back to herself.”

Another commenter brought up Tiny Harris who recently spoke about T.I.’s infidelities: “Something Tiny needs to tell TIP!!???”

One thing is certain, though — Tamar Braxton herself is probably the last person to be bothered by that right now.

It remains to be seen if she will make any more comments about the situation in the future, or if she will move on with her life and keep looking forward instead.

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