Chile Boo…Rasheeda Frost Shuts Down Person Who Said Her Husband Is Like R. Kelly

Rasheeda Frost also said she wasn’t married at 17, but fans were quick to point out that the math didn’t add up.

Celebrities often get inundated with gossip about their personal lives. For the most part, many choose to ignore the rumors and enjoy their day-to-day lives without caring about the opinions of strangers, but often, a famous figure bites back. Rasheeda Frost and her husband, 51-year-old Kirk, have made their marriage the topic of many social media conversations as they’ve aired out their personal lives on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. They’ve spoken openly about his infidelity and having a child with a stripper—events that almost led to divorce for the couple.

Recently, a Twitter user wanted to know why people aren’t drawing similarities between Kirkand R. Kelly. The person shared a number of unsubstantiated accusations that gave many fans pause. “Kirk adopted Rasheeda when shorty was 15…started having relations with her as a legal parent…married her at 17 while he was 30,” the person wrote. “They been together for 20 years. He has 7 kids, 2 are hers. Why nobody compare him to R. Kelly?”

Rasheeda caught wind of the remarks and fired back at the Twitter user. “U ain’t told nobody sh*t w/ yo bootleg conspiracy theory ass,” she wrote. “Come w/ facts not assumptions if u gone try 2 blast somebody. Here’s some help I’ve never been adopted I didn’t know sh*t bout Kirk when I was 15 & sho wasn’t thinkin bout gettin married @ 17 so worry bot Dat Rona!”

Other fans were quick to point out that Kirk andRasheeda have said they’re celebrating 20 years of marriage this year, and according to reports, Rasheeda will be 38 next month. It’s also been reported that she and Kirk married in 1999, and if that’s true, then she would have been 17 when they wed and Kirk would have been 30-years-old. That is, if the math is correct and those numbers are true. However, Rasheeda and Kirk refute that, as well

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