Chile Boo…Jess Hilarious…Is A Rapper Now?! Peep Her First Single “Hood Ish”

Jess Hilarious doesn’t put limitations on her talent— that’s why she didn’t wait to get approval from her comedy fans to pivot all the way into music recently. Remember when Jess spit hot fire during that BET cypher? Now she’s taking it all the way to the bank

The triple threat surprised her supporters with a new single and music video in the same week. Jessica Moore aka Jess Hilarious barely teased the song “Hood Ish” before she released a high budget video. The song is produced by Debonair Samir. Jess shot the video for her song in her hometown of Baltimore City. In it, you will see all local attractions like strippers and teenager skating at the rink.

Jess does actually spit bars in the song about loving on hood dudes and being good in any hood.

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