Chile Boo… Janet Jackson Wows Followers With Face Covered In Glitter For Artistic Shoot

Janet Jackson has been very active on Instagram this past week, uploading artistic photos of herself to her account. The “What Have You Done for Me Lately” hitmaker shared more images, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

For her latest upload, Jackson covered her face in shimmery glitter. The music icon placed a gem on top of her beauty spot and applied the same glitter all over her lips. She wore a semi-sheer Barbie pink gown that fell to the floor and paired the look with a long-sleeved shirt and tie underneath. On top of her navy tie was a circular jeweled brooch.

Jackson slicked her brunette hair off her face and styled her locks in braids and a high ponytail. She also opted for a flower in her hair that matched the ensemble.

The post consisted of three photos within one upload. In the first shot, Jackson stunned in a beauty shot. The “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” songstress tilted her head and raised one arm. She gazed at the camera lens with a soft expression and looked very ethereal with all the glitter shimmering in the light.

In the second, Jackson stood up straight and glared at the camera with a stern but fierce look.

In the third and final image, Jackson was photographed from head to toe. However, the shot had been mirrored to make the bottom half appear to be a reflection. The aesthetically pleasing photo looked like an art piece you would hang on a wall. The “That’s the Way Love Goes” songstress placed one hand beside her while raising the other to her stomach. She was pictured slightly side-on and looked directly at the camera lens.

Jackson didn’t add a caption, but the photos speak for themselves.

In the span of 13 hours, her post racked up more than 62,000 likes and over 1,000 comments, proving to be popular with her 3.9 million followers.

“You are so beautiful!!! I can’t breathe,” one user wrote, adding multiple love heart emoji.

My idol never disappoints,” another shared.

“This is how you do iconic pictures, ladies and gentlemen,” a third fan remarked.

“The artistry and creativity are off the chain!! Loving all the fashion, colors, makeup!! You have an amazing team!! The greatest,” a fourth follower commented.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jackson shared another beauty shot of herself where she had her hair pulled back off her face. She posed with lots of butterflies on her head that were all different sizes and colors. Unsurprisingly, the photo achieved more than 91,000 likes in less than a day.

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