Cheating With Whooooooo..A Man (Men).… Cynthia Bailey’s Fiancé Mike Hill Admitted To Cheating On BOTH His Ex-Wives

The future Mrs. Mike Hill is known for keeping things CHill when it comes to her fiance, but should Cynthia Bailey be worried? That’s the question that’s being asked after a new RHOA teaser showed Cynthia’s hubby to be Mike Hill admitting to cheating in both of his previous marriages.

According to Mike, he’s grown and matured and he’s grateful that he and Cynthia met when they did. The couple, of course, met on The Steve Harvey show when the talk show host brought eligible bachelors onboard to meet Cynthia.

We caught each other at the right time, because if she would have met me three years ago, it was a different life,” he said. “Two years ago was kind of finding [myself], in the process, but when I started writing the book and I got all that stuff off my chest, I realized some of the things I’ve done in the past have led to me doing some of the things I’m doing presently to women. But at the same time, it’s important for me too because I do have daughters, to reveal some of these things. I’ve already told them. I’ve been open about that with them because they’re older. Their moms, I have apologized to them for the things and transgressions I made in the past, and now I’m just trying to do it the right way this time.”

Still, while Cynthia seemingly appreciated his honesty, she admitted in a confessional that she was put off by Mike’s history of infidelity.

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