Chance the Rapper Calls Kanye His “Spiritual Advisor” & Reveals Pivot to Comedy

Chance the Rapper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and touched on a number of topics including the birth of his second daughter, his foray into comedy, and about his relationship with Kanye West. Watch above.

In the 13-minute interview, Chance spoke of West as his spiritual advisor. “Kanye is so devoted right now. He’s very well-versed in the bible, he’s reading a lot.  The way that he talks to me now its seems like he’s had [Bible passages] memorized for years,” he explained. “To my knowledge a lot of that stuff he learned very recently. He’s talking about what I believe in which is that Jesus is king.”

Chance also discusses his comedy career during the interview and says that he believes “one day [he’ll] become a world-famous comedian.”

“I’m a comedic guy,” he adds, revealing that he has a comedy set coming up a The Laugh Factory in Chicago.

Elsewhere, Kimmel congratulated the rapper on becoming the first in his industry to take paternity leave. Joking about the protocol on how he scheduled his time off, Chance said, “The fans are kind of my bosses so I have to let them know,” referencing how he postponed a recent tour. “It’s way harder having two kids than having one,” he continued. “Mathematically it makes sense but it didn’t actually register until I had two kids and I couldn’t leave my wife at home with both of them. “

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