Gaaaaaaaaaad Damnnnn #gagnation?

Good afternoon I gotta get up n burn some ghetto Inscent! The spirit of Malik Yoga had entered my home….now a nigga dreaming about slammin some Pooooseyyy and the Womun turned around and it was a man in a damn wig tidday up top but it was wired no dick at the bottom or poosey it was just blank like a Barbie Doll….SOME REAL MUTANT SHIT??? and u know Every man wants a Womunnnn but it wasn’t a Womunnnn ….we can’t even have our dreams and to our self the mutha fuckn Transylvania invading our dreams our lives and our homes our schools our bathrooms and now they want black girl rocks …I love all ppl but I ain’t no mutant fuckn kinda nigga so I’mma burn sage Blunts and Ghetto Inscent it’s gone be more smoke then when the pennyless whore sour puss smoked mother of basset hound on the gad damn grill for the Worthless Sackafice ….

We The People Wanna Know.. Where Are Her Clothes And Her Wig?! ?Tamar Braxton Vows To Never Wear Spanx Again During “Wendy Williams” Visit

Tamar Braxton’s serious about her physical health. 

Tamar Braxton is one of the latest guests to pay a visit to Wendy Williams self-titled talk show for her new season. The 42-year-old surprised everyone when she stepped on stage wearing nothing but a pair of Spanx and as it turns out the fashion move was intentional. When Tamar sat down, Wendy right away asked where her dress was located, leading Tamar to explain that the interview would be the last time she’s wearing Spanx as part of her lifestyle change. 

“Everybody talking about Hot Girl Summer, I’m lying, I had a Warm Girl Summer with a filter. I’m not doing that no more, I can’t. My stomach is having several seats on my lap. I can’t live my life like this,” she explained, via TooFab. Tamar explained how it’s necessary to feel physically amazing to then feel amazing on a mental level. 

“I challenge myself to become my best self. Period,” she added. “I just got tired of stuffing my stomach in my pants. Why we sitting around here fronting and lying about, ‘I feel amazing,’ you do not feel amazing after you eat burger, pizza, fries and three martinis like I like to eat — don’t judge me! — I’m just saying. I just feel like God has a lot in store for me … I want to be mentally ready for it.”

Say It Ain’t So?You Questioning Who???Cardi B Blasts Megan Thee Stallion..Questions Megan’s Education!!

Cardi B fired the first shot at rival female rapper Megan Thee Stallion yesterday – and did so publicly.

Up until now, though, Megan has been doing her best to play nice with Cardi. She even reached out to Offset’s wife to organize a collaboration. But after the shot fired yesterday by the Bodak Yellow artist, the two ladies may end up in a full blown FEUD.

The drama popped off when one of Cardi B’s fan pages threw shade at Megan. Megan misspelled the word “complement” in an Instagram post – and Cardi’s page WENT IN on her.

The page sarcastically wrote, “is this y’all’s college scholar you n*ggas brag about?” Megan claims to be currently enrolled in college.

Now here’s the juicy part – Cardi liked the post. And it wasn’t a popular post either. Only 16 other people liked it.

Megan claims to be currently enrolled in Texas Southern University as a junior. She also claims that her major is health administration, but not everyone believes her.

Cardi’s educational experience is much different. She barely graduated high school – and took just a handful of classes at a local community college, before realizing that college just wasn’t for her.

But Cardi’s diss plays into a growing skepticism about Megan. One, whether she is still taking college classes and two that the “education” she claims to have is simply PR hype. Many on social media also believe that the rapper dropped out last semester, when her career took off.

We’re waiting to see how Megan responds to Cardi’s diss . . . 

J Ho Always Stealing..?HUSTLERS’ Real-Life Ramona Rips J Lo SHE BETRAYED ME!!!

Box office numbers be damned, Jennifer Lopez failed in her “Hustlers” role because she didn’t do her homework … at least according to the real-life strip club host who inspired J Lo’s character.

We got Samantha Barbash in NYC Tuesday and she went nuclear about the deal that was NOT made before the movie was made. She says a “Hustlers” producer, not Jennifer, contacted her to see if she would sign away her rights.

She claims the offer was downright disrespectful, but ya gotta hear how Samantha describes it — especially if you know anything about Hermes handbags!

She’s also pissed because J Lo never spoke to HER about playing HER — and she thinks it shows in the movie. One scene in particular really rubbed Samantha the wrong way, and she walked out of the movie super early.

“Hustlers” grossed over $33 million in its opening weekend, and Samantha thinks that’s just because people wanted to see J Lo on a stripper pole, which … TBH, actually sounds like a perfectly good reason to buy a ticket.

As for getting screwed on the movie deal — Samantha’s now cashing in with her own book about her story.

Donuts?? They trying to kill us with sugar and grease..KFC Just Revealed a Stunning New Product That Is a Huge Threat to Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s

Just when you thought the fast-food chicken sandwich wars were winding down–with either Popeyes or Chick-fil-A winning, and McDonald’s late to the game–one of the biggest players just lobbed another shot into the fray.

Yesterday, chicken giant KFC announced that it has started testing a truly stunning new product: a chicken sandwich that takes the idea of chicken and waffles one big step better: the KFC Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich.

The idea is just what the name implies: a crispy filet of fried chicken planted smack dab inside a “bun” made from two glazed donuts. Yes, you read that correctly–a piece of fried chicken and two glazed donuts.

Initially, the marketing test for this new product will be limited to Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If all goes well, or course, then it’s quite possible that this sugar-laden concoction will end up on the fast-food chain’s menu nationwide.

According to a KFC press release,

Consumers are increasingly seeking novel, crave-able flavor combinations that give them the best of both sweet and savory worlds to create a unique taste experience. Through this test market, KFC is evaluating consumer appetite for bringing this growing food trend to its customers on a national scale.

Just last month, KFC did the unthinkable–testing two new plant-based, vegan fried “chicken” products in one of its Atlanta stores: nuggets and boneless wings.

Most surprising, however, was the overwhelming reaction from customers–who had just one day’s advance notice of the test.

As it turned out, customers turned out in droves–many arriving more than an hour before the store opened. According to news reports, the line to enter the store wrapped around two city blocks while cars were bumper-to-bumper in the drive-thru, looping around the store twice.

In fact, the Atlanta KFC’s test was so successful that the store–specially decked out in bright green trim–sold out of its supply of Beyond Fried Chicken in less than five hours.

So, while KFC has turned up the heat on the chicken sandwich war, it continues to innovate its menu in a lot of interesting new directions.

This bodes well for hungry customers–and shareholders–alike.

Mary J Blige Spotted Out -Appears ‘DRUNK’ & HIGHER THAN A KOOTA BROWN Stumbling!!

R&B superstar Mary J Blige has had a history of battling substance abuse. She’s admitted in the past to being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Well last night, the Queen of R&B Soul didn’t look good at all.

The paparazzi caught up with RnB Singer Mary J. Blige last night, as she arrived to the popular LA club Bootsy Bellows. Mary was there to celebrate Flo-Rida birthday, along with rapper NAS and RnB Singer Ashanti. 

But as Mary was arriving, a cup of fell out of her SUV – and it appeared to be carrying some type of enebriant. Mary then stumbled out of the vehicle and had to be assisted walking into the club. She really was looking a little worse for wear. 

Mary is in a difficult time in her life. She recently finalized her divorce with ex-husband Kendu Isaacs – but it cost her a pretty penny.

Mary reportedly has to pay Kendu millions a year, as part of the divorce settlement.


Nicki Minaj stunned her fans when she announced her retirement earlier this month.

But before revealing that she was hanging up the mic to focus on starting a family, she had been working on a new album. During an interview for the October issue of ELLE, which was conducted prior to her retirement tweet, Minaj opened up about the highly-anticipated project, which she describes as “fierce, fun, and unapologetic.”

“It’s probably the most excited I’ve been about an album release in a really long time,” she told the magazine. “This one incorporates all the things people love about Nicki, but it also just has a way bigger sound, so it goes perfectly with the [Fendi] collection.”

But unlike the four years between The Pinkprint and Queen, she won’t make her Barbz wait as long for her next project. “I’m happy that we’re not making my fans wait for another album, like I’ve done in the past.” 

Minaj had previously discussed her fifth album on her Queen Radio show and revealed that she was working with a mystery executive producer. It’s unclear if she still plans to release it or if it will be her final album. Up until recently, she had been busy in the studio working on new music and made plans to record with several artists.

While her music career remains up in the air, Nicki is gearing up to launch Fendi Prints On, a 127-piece collection with Italian fashion house Fendi. The collaboration, which hits stores in October, came together after Minaj wore a Fendi fur bomber jacket with a matching Fendi bikini bottom on the cover of her “Chun-Li” single.

“I can’t believe that when I was doing that little picture that day, with the Fendi jacket and Fendi panties on…” she said. “I didn’t think that the actual company would think that that was dope. To know that they liked it that much, and now it’s on a T-shirt, is so iconic to me.”

And she is excited to launch her own fashion brand in the future. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!” she said. “I’ve been really strategic and picky on purpose, turning some things down and waiting for the right opportunities. Once people see that you have selling power and you are able to impact a brand in such a positive way, then I think it’s only a matter of time. The Fendi collection alone made me feel like I would love to continue doing this–getting to that boss status. That’s where I would like to take fashion, for sure.”

Girl You Aint Missing Any Meals..But You Need Too! The Internet Is DESTROYING Lizzo For Snitching On A Postmates Worker Who Stole Her Food

Lizzo Vs. Postmates

Lizzo is not one to be played with. She’s got a number one song in the country for the third week in a row and has been killing it all summer. But even the most perfect summer plans go awry. Lizzo’s hot girl summer took a slight detour when she tried to order some food from Postmates and it never showed up. Apparently some lady named Tiffany snatched the dinner.

How do we know that Tiffany snatched the dinner? Because Lizzo posted the girl’s whole entire fact on Twitter. This has caused a lot of drama and argument. People do this all the time when their food gets stolen, but it’s different when it’s a celebrity, right? After all, she does have a LOT more power than the average person and more access to grabbing more dinner.

However, does that make her snitching wronger than Regular Joe doing?

Only A Mother Could Love This Ugly MF ?Q.C Pierre “Pee” Thomas Thieving Ass Dumps His Two Baby Mommas For This Whoraaaa

Pee already moving onto his next woman?

Despite welcoming two new babies this year with Lira Galore and Kaylar Will, Quality Control’s Pieere “Pee” Thomas is already moving on to his next woman. Over the weekend, the QC mogul was spotted down in Atlanta holding hands with mystery woman Yineth Moreno, who according to her IG is a Columbian model. There’s little known about Moreno at this moment, other than she might have a couple kids and is another smoke show fucking a Gorilla to secure the bag..

Now this isn’t confirmation of any sort of relationship, but it does look like they had a good time that night. Or at the very least are enjoying each other’s company. Previously, Pee dated and proposed to model Lira Galore. They split after just a few months together but Lira also wound pregnant around the same time as his ex-girlfriend Kaylar Will.

She really went from son to father ? she built different yooo the hot girl summer is real”

Sean “Diddy” Combs and his rumored girlfriend Lori Harvey, have been spending quite a bit of time together, and this weekend they were spotted at a strip club together.

The 49-year-old hip-hop mogul was caught on camera partying it up at Atlanta’s Magic City gentleman’s club on this past weekend with Harvey, 22, and his two sons Christian and Justin Combs. The group was apparently in town for the “Bad Boy Entertainment” owner’s 2019 Revolt Summit.

Nevertheless, the video of Diddy, Harvey and Justin, 25, partying together made people a little uncomfortable, seeing as the model and Justin were apparently romantically involved. Now she’s allegedly dating his father.

Social media users couldn’t stop commenting on how strange the entire scenario seemed.

“What in the Alabama ? is going on here?! How can you be that pretty and get passed around like that?! I’m sorry but this whole situation is disgusting.”

“She really went from son to father ? she built different yooo the hot girl summer is real”

“I’m uncomfortable. That’s so weird how can you date the son then turn around and start dating the father ?.”

Some folks even speculated as to whether Harvey, the stepdaughter of comedy icon Steve Harvey, and Justin Combs were ever dating. They believe it was a coverup for her and Diddy’s rumored relationship.

She was never dating Justin it was always his daddy ?. Come on now y’all. There’s no way they’re all that comfortable,” one fan said. 

Last week, the 22-year-old and Diddy were spotted by paparazzi on a Mexico getaway. The pair sparked pregnancy rumors after the “Last Night” rapper was seen rubbing her stomach. Lori later uploaded a photo of her flat stomach, seemingly shutting down baby bump speculations.