Carmelo In Trouble Again..Former Pornstar Jazmine Cashmere Hints at Affair with Carmelo Anthony

Former porn star Jazmine Cashmere went on a Twitter rant to blast a New York Knicks player who has not paid for her services.

On Tuesday, she tweeted: “So one of y’all favorite NBA players don’t wanna pay me the rest of my money after eating this[emoji of a cat] last week smh.

“Just when I was about to root for the Knicks this year. Now I hope they lose every game. Petty I know.” she added, reports.

In her lengthy Twitter rant, Cashmere went on to say:

Don’t text me now bitch! I bet your wife would love to know about our little secret meetings when you on the road during the season.

“Phil Jackson need to trade your sorry a**. You did s*** for the last couple years but take the Knicks money.

“Have a great season Knicks… Love Jazmine.”

“All I ever asked is keep it eight more than 92 with me, 100.”

Who wanna see the video though?” #Knicks

“I can kill the game right now. Video baby.”

Many have concluded that the player that best fits Cashmere’s above description is Carmelo Anthony, who is married to former MTV VJ La La.

Last month, La La was caught up in her own scandal after being accused of cheating by the ex-girlfriend of rapper, Maino. La La’s rep denied the report.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of @JazmineCashmere continued to threaten the release of a video up until Wednesday, writing “Call Melo” followed by an Atlanta area phone number. At the time of this report, the account appears to have been shut down.

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