Cardi B Unveils Her New Breast Implants

Cardi B recently got her breast implants removed and replaced. And yesterday on the Grammy’s red carpet, she showed of her brand new breasts.

And Cardi looked great. The female rapper had been a size D – after her first set of implants. But now she’s gone much, much bigger. According to online reports, Cardi’s bra size is now a FF.

But it’s not just increased size that Cardi was after. Her new breasts look a lot more symmetrical, and a lot more natural as well.

Cardi got her first set of implants when she was just 19, while working as a stripper in New York.

Her latest implants cost tens of thousands and were done by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. And the operation was definitely a success.

As a comparison, this was Cardi’s previous implants. She had them done before she was famous:

Cardi was joined for the evening by her husband and fellow music artist Offset, who posed next to his wife in several of the snaps. Donning a olive-colored suit, black turtleneck, and brown belt, the “Rap Saved Me” artist beautifully complimented his wife. Offset accessorized with a series of large, flashy rings and thick silver bracelets and necklaces. He added a pair of silver, cross-shaped earrings to complete the look.

On the mother-of-one’s Instagram page, she posted a racy photo from the night that featured the Migos star grabbing her chest and shooting a cheeky smile toward the camera. Cardi was captured looking down at his hand, putting her voluminous eyelashes and perfectly painted lips on display. Viewers also got a close-up view of her choker necklace, featuring a tiny diamond in the middle.

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2 thoughts on “Cardi B Unveils Her New Breast Implants

  1. There’s nothing “natural looking” about those at all. Totally laughable that women go that far. What if men could get d**k implants? Would draging on the floor be the new standard? Something over the top is always stupid. I guess that’s where her brains are going to. And her lack of a curse word filter. NOT a role model.

  2. How is it that a size D implants looks like her skin was already stretched too far out, and she barely had enough if her own breasts to get them that big than to go to a size FF, it doesn’t seem like her skin would’ve stretched that far. But, as you’ve written it’s taken a plastic surgery expert just as Nicki Minaj’s breasts are about the FF size.

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