Cardi B SLAMS Trolls Then Explains Why She Claps Back Against Haters

Cardi B had time to set a few people straight on Tuesday (September 25).

The “YES” rapper has had enough of haters coming for her, but then playing victim when she defends herself. While cracking jokes on Twitter, Cardi took the opportunity to address Internet trolls after a few attacked her amid her tweeting spree. 

“People on the internet make me sick ??????,” Cardi began. The 26-year-old rapper then shared screenshots of a site criticizing her for telling a troll to “stick to your diet,” after the troll told her to “stick to movies,” called her a “fake a** rapper,” and endlessly trolled her with slanderous comments. 

“So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on dm but asoon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claim she was on I’m fatphobic ? Wtf is a fatphobic? LMAO!” Cardi wrote. “Lucky I ain’t said worst .Matter fact eat a d*ck!??‍♀️.” 

She then showed more examples of how haters harass her on the Internet, and explained that she should be able to defend herself without people calling her out for it. “I don’t give one single f**k??‍♀️. People are so soft now.How ya going to survive a lunch table ?” Cardi wrote, before responding directly to a tweet that took a low shot at her marriage to Offset.

“That was so corny ?like people be leaving cheating jokes all the time (some make me laugh )but this was sooo corny and then you had the nerve to put a moon like you said something ?,” she wrote. “You kicked out off the lunch table .NEXT!” Cardi then shared the troll’s Twitter avi and gave a critique of her own. “But since you wanna be funny ??bro why you look like a ostrich ? ,” Cardi tweeted alongside the hater’s photo. She later shared a photo of an actual ostrich to back her comparison. 

To wrap up her heated Twitter session, Cardi addressed a few more tweets and retweeted fans who support her clapbacks, before finally writing, “You know what’s worse then not giving a f**k ? Not giving 2 f**ks ??.”

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