Cardi B Reportedly Got FACE LIFT Now Looks ‘Unrecognizable’!!

Word on the street is that hip hop star Cardi B recently got a facelift.

MTO News heard a rumor last week that Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, got plastic surgery on her face. And we’re not talking about a minor nip and tuck either. We’re talking a complete face overhaul.

According to the rumors that we heard, Cardi’s surgery was “pretty substantial” and that Cardi is expected to look “much” different after she’s done healing.

The rumors did not specify exactly what procedures that Bodak Yellow did to her face.

But whatever Cardi did to her face – she is definitely NOT done healing.

Cardi showed up yesterday at her best friend Star Brim’s baby shower in New York City. But Cardi had to hide her face, because of all the bruising associated with her recent surgery.

Here’s what Cardi looked like a few days before Christmas. This is her without makeup.

Hopefully now that she’s gotten her surgery – we’re never gonna have to see this face again. Shesh!!

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