Cardi B Reacts To Shakira Singing ‘I Like It’ At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made history at Super Bowl LIV on Sunday (February 2), becoming the first two Latina women to co-headline the coveted Pepsi Halftime Show.

Following their epic performance, fellow Latina Cardi B took to Instagram Live to express her excitement not only in the history-making moment but to share what it was like to see her longtime idol Shakiraperform her 2018 track, “I Like It,” during the halftime show.

“There was a point where Shakira was so popular,” Cardi began. “She was just putting out music, music, music, music out… She was like a punk rocker. She was kinda like a punk rock-ish, pop, Spanish artist.”

“And then she came with the belly dancing era and everybody, like, in Washington Heights, in the Bronx, they wanted to be belly dancers and everything,” she continued. “Even girls that don’t speak Spanish, or they don’t really know Spanish, they were just, like, belly dancing. It was just a crazy era.”

Cardi went on to gush about her previous collaborator J. Lo, who she co-starred in Hustlerswith last year. “JLo, she was just, like, boom. She was just flourishing and everything,” Cardi said of the 50-year-old singer’s portion of the halftime show. “For me to even know JLo, for me to even have conversations with JLo, for me to even do a song with JLo, I just sometimes cannot even believe it, digest it.”

The “Press” rapper then explained that she was told before Sunday that “I Like It” was going to be a part of the show, but Cardi admitted that it was still surreal to see Shakira actually perform her track. “I already knew that Shakira was going to perform ‘I Like It.’ For me to even know that she was going to perform “I Like It,” I just be like, ‘Yo, that sh*t is crazy,'” she said. “Do they even understand [that] I grew up listening to these people? Sometimes I just cannot believe this sh*t. This is crazy.”

“I really grew up listening to these people and just seeing them in-person, performing. That sh*t is beyond a blessing,” Cardi added. “It’s just, like, wow. Life is f**king crazy. I would never think this would be my destiny in life. And I’m so thankful and I’m so grateful.”

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