Cardi B & Rah Ali Are Back At Each Others Necks On Twitter

Even though it’s been months since we’ve heard anything from Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, the feud between Bardi and Rah Ali continues.

The war between Cardi B and Rah Ali continues in the midst of a pandemic. Earlier today, Cardi B and Rah Ali got into it, once again, on social media after Cardi B called out ItsOnSite for posting tweets she’s already clarified as fake. “I understand bitches don’t like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to start Shìt,” Cardi wrote.

It didn’t take long for Rah Ali to slide into Cardi’s mentions and claiming that the rapper was sneak dissing her. She then brought up the recent footage of Offset hiding his phone to get a bit more disrespectful. It appears that Cardi’s whole issue here was not that they were posting about her but rather, posting fake content to stir up the pot. Cardi did, however, add, “Let’s not talk about husbands because I will put your whole situation on blast.”

“Ouuu baby, lets do it. Your lame friend already ATTEMPTED that, my union is SOLID. So please, give it your best shot, so I can make a complete mockery out of you,” Rah Ali said in response,referencing her feud with Star Brim. 

Though Cardi B added that this could be handled in the DMs, the feud continued to unfold publicly and things for even messier. Cardi tweeted, “I got receipts of you and so and so in ATL ? Anyways like I said I dm you if you wanna settle it like women .You haven’t write back so are you doing this for attention?”

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