Cardi B Is Pissed She & Offset Can’t Even Have Sex In Quarantine

Cardi B has encountered some extenuating circumstances preventing her from having sex with her husband, Offset, while in quarantine.

Cardi B is so bored in quarantine, and she can’t even get it on with her man to keep herself busy. The rapper has been one of the most vocal forces in the coronavirus discourse ever since the initial outbreak near the end of last year. She’s been known to criticize the greater access that celebrities and wealthy folks have been given to COVID-19 testing, and has even been responsible for furthering conspiracy theories that some stars are getting paid to claim they’ve been infected. Besides speaking out about more serious aspects of the pandemic, Cardi has also proven to be one of the most relatable celebrities during this time, even contributing the now-infamous soundbite to one of the first coronavirus-themed songs. Now, Cardi’s getting real about some of the greatest struggles she’s faced since going into isolation, and that includes not being able to get any from Offset.

I have sex so many times, and now I’m on my period, I can’t even f *c k,” she complained to her fans on Instagram. Considering there’s so little to do while practicing social distancing, Cardi at least wishes she could still have some fun in the bedroom, but it looks like she can’t even do that for the time being. Cardi also confessed to how lonely she’s been feeling lately. “I miss my family and I miss my friends,” she said. “I’ve never been so alone…I just watch documentaries and watch movies.”

Cardi was recently rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pains, although some folks misunderstood and thought she was going to seek treatment for a possible coronavirus infection. Cardi was criticized for taking up valuable resources, but she quickly cleared the air about the whole situation, noting that her abdominal pains had nothing to do with coronavirus and reminded the Twitter user that, “you can still go to the hospital for other problems

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