Cardi B In Louis Vuitton..

Cardi B is spending some quality time with her man Offset, but she is not keeping it all behind closed doors, she is posting unreal picture of the couples pool sessions.

Cardi took to Instagram to post video and photos of a perfect fitting Louis Vuitton bikini, and a rock hard set of abs to go along with it.

Make it leak,’ is all she captioned with the photo.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper is never shy when she is feeling it, but this looks like she is doing an impromptu photoshoot with Offset on the other end of the camera.

For the record, some LV bathing suits can go for $1500 or more. But, in this case, it was well worth the price.

Her fans agreed with many of the comments being things like, “You look stunning, “PERFECTION” and “everyone wanna be this‼️”

One person even said, “Let me borrow your body on the 27th I need to look good on my birthday LOL.”

And the best one, “They call me cardi bardi BANGING BODY SPICY MAMI HOT TAMALE CHHHAAAOOWWWWWWW.”

Cardi posted video, over the weekend, in the same suit that showed Offset chillin’ by the pool enjoying the views.

She is sporting her new ‘Titanic’ diamonds given to her by Offset for her birthday.

We can’t even type what she said in that caption, but you can imagine.

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