Cardi B Denies Having Coronavirus After Checking Into Hospital

Cardi B wants her fans to know that she does not have coronavirus after it was reported that she was rushed to hospital on Thursday after experiencing stomach pains.

“I’ve been very f*cking sick these past five days … not corona,” she said on Instagram Live. “I have really bad stomach issues — I started throwing up, I took a pregnancy test cuz a bitch never f*cking knows.”

Cardi confirmed that the tests were negative and that she initially wanted doctors to come to her home, but they are not doing home visits due to the virus. She said she was treated for the pains, but did not say what caused it.

Honestly, cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for four days, I went to the ER last night and I’m feeling way better. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain,” she also wrote on Twitter before deleting.

“Doctors are not allowed to come to people’s homes right now … They kept telling me to drink ginger tea,” she said.

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