Cardi B Changes Her Race ..Again..Now Claims She’s A ‘Black Woman’!!!

Cardi B used to be considered a Latina. But now, the female rap star is claiming to be a Black woman.

Cardi made the Rachel Dolezal type claims two day ago, after folks on Twitter attacked that hip hop star for using the “N Word.”

Twitter initially went after Latina actress Gina Rodriguez for uttering the “N Word” when singing a Fugees song on Twitter. Then activists on Black Twitter turned their attention to Cardi – another Latina who routinely uses the “N Word” while rapping.

When fans started questioning whether Cardi should be able to use the “N Word,” Cardi blasted back at them – claiming that she’s “Black.”

Here’s a screenshot of a tweet that she sent out, that she later deleted.

But while it’s true that Cardi’s ethnicity isn’t 100% “White”, it’s not quite “Black either.”

Here’s a picture of Cardi’s mother and father. Both her parents consider themselves “Dominicans” although Cardi claims that her mom’s roots are originally from Trinidad.

In some cases, Afro-Latinx people make up a large part of the community — early in her career, the rapper Cardi B, who identifies as black and Latinx, found herself defending her blackness and her right to use the N-word after facing criticism.

And there are large portions of the Latinx population who do not identify as black (and may even identify as white). While it is arguably permissible for those who present as and identify as Afro-Latinx people to use the N-word without facing scrutiny (the criticism against Cardi B, for instance, has quieted as her star has risen), those who’d mark themselves as both white and Hispanic on a census form are a different category altogether.

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