Caitlyn Jenner Makes A Trip To The Border Wall And Announces Plans To Resume Building If She’s Elected Governor

Word On The Curb..Caitlyn Jenner is currently running for governor of California in an attempt to unseat current Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall vote—and she recently revealed one of her first plans of action if elected. Taking to social media, Caitlyn Jenner announced during a trip to the border wall, that she plans to resume building it if Californians decide to put her in office.

On August 13th, Caitlyn Jenner made an unexpected visit to the U.S.-Mexico border and stressed its need to be built and vowed to do “whatever it takes” to secure the border wall to keep immigrants from entering the country. Caitlyn, who is running on a Republican ticket, has heavily criticized Governor Gavin Newsom on his refusal to build the border wall previously started by disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Over on her Twitter account, Caitlyn explained her potential plans should the election go in her favor. “At border now and people illegally entering! As governor I will finish the wall with state funds! @GavinNewsom has failed us allowing illegal immigration to run rampant in our state,” she wrote.

That’s not all she had to say regarding the border wall and what Californians should do about it. She recently spoke at length with a local FOX affiliate about the issue. “We need, as Californians to, bottom line, secure this border, whatever it takes,” she said.

Caitlyn Jenner continued, adding “This border is so important to our country, to our state — that we control it. Borders do work. I am 100% for legal immigration, and I want to see immigrants come to our country. They’re a vital part of our society, they’re a vital part of our economy, and we need to protect that.”

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