Bye Felicia’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Krystal Kills After She Demands Puma Apologize for Firing Her

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers are fed up with Krystal Kills‘ tough-girl attitude.

During last week’s episode, Paul “Puma” Robinson, the co-owner of “Black Ink,” fired Kills after she instigated an explosive fight between her new co-workers Mike AC and Super Dope Q. In the midst of the chaos, Robinson stepped in front of Kills and yelled, “Get out the shop! You’re fired!”

Mike AC felt Puma made the wrong decision by terminating Kills and met up with her to talk about the incident. In a teaser for the Oct. 23 episode, the “Puerto Rican” tattoo artist told Mike that she wasn’t coming back to “Black Ink” unless Puma planned on apologizing.

If you’re not gonna value me, do I even really want to work for a company like this?” said Kills. “Not to be cocky or anything, but really I’m a great tattoo artist. … Unless I get an apology, I don’t give a f–k, I’m not coming back. I’m not apologizing. I didn’t do nothing wrong. I’m getting real tired of this bulls–t.”

She added, “I’m not being respected. … I wasn’t even the one that started the fight I was just defending myself.”

Robinson apparently disagreed with Kills’ remarks in the teaser and commented on the show’s official IG page with a confused emoji.

Black Ink” fans seemingly shared his sentiments and slammed Kills for her stance toward Puma.

“Bye Felicia! You need them WAYY MORE than they need you! She always getting into some s–t, granted that wasnt the worst situation she got fired for but it was bound to happen eventually ?”

“First of all she is a non mf factor and the show could and would continue without her tf! Lol who are these pll?”

“Puma was in the right to fire her. She need to apologize.. why she always wanna fight .. She needs to stay fired. Let Puma do his job as a freaking BOSS!!! No MORE DRAMA”

“Puma did the right thing. Cesar let all that behavior fly and that’s why they have such a bad rep now. Puma cleaning house. They gone straighten up or head out ??‍♀️”

Other fans felt differently.

“Puma better apologize she didn’t deserve that coño ?”

“He shouldn’t have fired her. Krystal is the best artist there. Bring her back”

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