Bored, Boring, Tired, And Threw.. Blocked’: Angela Simmons Fires Off at Fan Who Calls Her ‘Boring’

Why He Mad?’: Angela Simmons Fans Jump to Her Defense Against ‘Boring’ Naysayer

It looks like “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons wasn’t in the mood this week for folks criticizing her. 

The reality star uploaded a beauty shot per usual, when she was confronted by a detractor, who apparently had an issue with her post. She took to Instagram on Thursday and shared an image of herself glammed up in an orange silk dress and snake-print thigh-high boots. 

Her IG followers also mentioned Simmons flawless makeup look and “gorgeous” wavy tresses. She captioned her post, “?Staying in my own lane ….. ? ?” and racked up over 22,000 hearts.

One person, however, took issue with her photo and caption, writing underneath the fashionista’s post, “Yeah you bored & boring.”

Simmons, blasted the online troll for his or her comments and shot back, “But yet you are on my page. .. and now blocked. Be blessed hun!”

Fans of the 32-year-old mother chimed into conversation and denounced critics. 

“@angelasimmons lol why he mad?!” one person wrote. “You know you gone have haters.

Another commented, “One f the thigs I love about Angela, is you are being yourself and your not worry about what others ❤️think of you keep pushing mighty lady.”

Simmons isn’t a newcomer when it pertains to criticismfrom folks online. 

The reality TV star is known for her lustful thirst traps and often receives flak for her alleged provocative nature and attention-seeking behavior.

Over the years, Simmons has urged her followers to celebrate being confident within themselves and to care less about what people think.

“Confidence is key to life,” she wrote via Instagram on Feb. 20. “With confidence you win . When you have this ingredient … you do what you want. You can comfortably be in your own skin. There is nothing anyone can do or say to shake that.”

Despite the negative comments she received on her latest post, fans still showered her with compliments.

“Wow, Them boots are ??your such a beautiful woman ??and an amazing mom?”

“?️??️@angelasimmons That way you stay out of wrecks. Smart & beautiful! Killer combo”

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