Blueface’s Mexican Baby Mama Destroys His Home – Over Racist Song??

Blueface trended online on Wednesday after his baby mama was caught attempting to smash his home to pieces with a shovel — in front of the rapper’s home.

Blueface recorded the woman, circling his home, hitting his glass doors and windows with the heavy object and yelling at the top of her lungs. 

Blueface appears to take it all in his stride, asking his son, “what’s wrong with your mommy?” As the confused child looks on, also asking what happened.

I got some good dick, on Crip,” he can be heard saying off-camera right before she succeeds in smashing one of his glass windows. “Damn, I got some good dick.”

She then runs off.

She later posted to her Instagram Story claiming that she did get inside his home.

Just yesterday, the rapper’s his new song, “Carne Asada,’ an ode to Mexican women, which has ruffled more than a few feathers perhaps including his baby’s mother. Others including Mexican gang members have called the song “racist” because of its vulgar lyrics mixed with ethnic references, such as, “All I got for a whore is horchata.” Horchata is a classic Mexican drink made with milk.

And Blueface’s baby’s mother is Mexican. So it is possible that she trashed his house over the song

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