Black Ink Crew’ Miss Kitty Denies Bae’s Claims and Reveals This About Her and Ceaser

It looks like Miss Kitty and Young Bae have reached the point of no return in their friendship. 

On the March 25 episode of “Black Ink Crew,” the two women come to blows after coming face to face at a tattoo convention. The two tried to discuss their broken relationship since Kitty’s departure from New York to Chicago. The conversation between the two became tense and that’s when Bae swung on the brand ambassador with her jacket. She later claimed that Kitty was talking negatively about her 1-year-old son Niko.

After receiving backlash from fans, Miss Kitty finally addressed her and Bae’s beef and assured that she didn’t say anything bad about the tattoo artist’s toddler. 

“I don’t talk about people’s children,” Kitty said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “That lie was started because she f–king with.”

After pausing for a moment, Kitty said that Bae made that accusation against her so fans won’t paint her as the bad guy when details about her and Ceaser Emanuel‘s relationship is exposed on the show. Kit claimed Young Bae and Emanuel were sleeping together.

“I ain’t talk about nobody’s kids,” Kitty continued. “That lie was started to try and make me look bad so when it come out that she’d been sleeping with the boss it can be like ‘oh my gosh me and kitty wasn’t friends because kitty said this about my child’ no I didn’t, stop lying on me darling.”

In December, Sky Days, Emanuel’s close friend and HR head, made the same accusations about Bae and Emanuel after the tattoo artist posted photos of him and her on his Instagram page. When Days accused the “Black Ink” owner of “f–king” Bae, he quickly denied it. 

“Black Ink” fans have had mixed reactions to all of the drama going on. 

“Sky called it when she said bae and cease was smashing and sky has always been right that might be the real reason bae’s husband bounced and she keeps blowing off that fine ass tattoo artist.”

“So mf funny how Kit was helping Bae dumb a$$ but B…. turn quick on her quick because now she doing the nasty with Ceaser

“Wow man so Bae sleeping with ceaser ?!

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