‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Have No Sympathy for Sky Days After Her Shop Gets Shut Down

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers are completely fed up with Sky Days. 

On the Nov. 6 episode, Days caused quite a bit of drama with her co-star Miss Kitty after she claimed the brand ambassador slept with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. Her rumors caused complete chaos in the shop and may have even put Kitty’s job in jeopardy.

Black Ink” co-stars were concerned about Days’ emotional well-being and wondered why she’d been on a mission to cause so much drama in the shop. Viewers later found out in that episode that the HR head’s “Her Pretty Little Secret Boutique” in Miami, Florida, was shut down after she apparently failed to pay rent twice. It was her first business venture, and she felt defeated after it failed.

“When I started a business I never thought about the people it would bring into my life,” Days said in her confessional. “But now it’s gone and I’m devastated.”

A tearful Days vented that day to her best friend and “Black Ink” shop owner Ceaser Emanuel about the situation. Emanuel was dragged through the mud on Twitter last season after he warned Days about opening a new business without him. He, however, encouraged the heartbroken human resources director to take her failed business venture as a learning lesson and urged her not to give up on her dreams. 

Although Emanuel never brought up his business concerns to Days on the episode, “Black Ink” viewers did. 

“She’s selfish! Ceas tried to warn her ass but sky wanted to flex on everybody just to make herself look good ?.” 

“Where was all this energy for her kids? And I knew this ghetto ass boutique wasn’t going to last. People dragged Ceaser for nothing he was right ?”

Other folks believed it was Days’ Karma for spreading rumors about Kitty and Henry sleeping together. 

“And she worrying about who f-cking who ?see keep your nose in your business and it wouldn’t be closed ??‍♀️ keep that same energy you had towards Kit!”

“Humbly thyself and mind the business that pays you! Hurt people, hurt people. Cease tried to tell her! I think she acted like a fool when she had that store to her staff I don’t think that she was ready for such an undertaking. Plus she was nasty to Kitty!”

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