Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Blast Miss Kitty for ‘Doing Too Much’ After Making Changes to Charmaine’s Shop

It seems “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers aren’t here for Miss Kitty calling the shots. 

After getting fired from Black Ink in New York and moving to Chicago, Kitty was hired by 2nd City Ink owner Charmaine Walker to manage the tattoo shop while she’s away on leave. Several of the tattoo artists were against the brand ambassador working at the shop because they felt her position was irrelevant.

Walker’s partner Jessica, the 2nd City manager, was also against Kitt coming to the shop and questioned what skills she could bring to the shop. She even quit the tattoo shop because she didn’t want to work with Kitt. 

Following Jessica’s departure, Kitt was put in charge of managing 2nd City Ink. In the Jan. 29 episode of the show, the brand ambassador implemented a few changes to the shop that the tattoo artists were against. Kit told them they would have to start taking walk-in clients and branding the shop on social media twice a day.

“Structure is needed,” Kit added. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to make 2nd City Ink the biggest brand out there. However, if you guys feel like this is not the type of environment that you want to work in, then maybe you should seek employment elsewhere.” 

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” fans felt Kitty was overstepping her boundaries as someone new helping to manage the shop.

Relax sis telling them to look for employment elsewhere is a bit too much! ??‍♀️ She’s doing way too much”

“Charmaine gave her a lil job she didn’t tell her to turn everything upside down and Kitty being petty with it smh. Girl chill tf out!”

“Everyone gonna quit smh kitty doing to much. I’m starting not to like her ?”

Others disagreed.

That’s Kitty job so I don’t see an issue – oh girl Drea acting like she to good – this is your job ma’am do the damn tattoo”

“Yesss @itskitsovain you got this boo I support you…they need structure ??!”

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