BLAC CHYNA ROB ONLY SUFFERED A BROKEN HEART … Claims He’s Just Playing Up ‘Injuries’

Blac Chyna claims Rob Kardashian didn’t suffer any REAL injuries or pain in her alleged beat down of her ex — so she wants his lawsuit against her tossed.

Chyna just filed new docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming her baby daddy grossly exaggerated his injuries from their alleged fight way back in December 2016.

As ya know, Rob alleges BC tried to choke him with an iPhone charging cable before repeatedly hitting him … all while she was high on booze and drugs.

However, BC says the only harm Rob suffered that night relates to his heartbreak over Chyna leaving his ass. As we reported, Chyna moved out of Kylie Jenner’s home where she and Rob were living back then with their newborn, Dream.

She’s also laughing off, almost literally, an incident involving a gun.

Chyna says Rob testified she pointed his gun at him, and told his friends she would kill him if he “messes up.” In her docs, BC says everyone knew it was a joke, and she had NO intention of pulling the trigger.

She asking the court to dismiss Rob’s lawsuit for assault simply because she says there was no assault and the guy wasn’t hurt. Case closed, at least to her … we’ll see what the judge says.

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