Blac Chyna Posts About Wanting To Fight Khloe Kardashian And Fans Are Confused!

It’s no secret that Blac Chyna has a lot of drama with her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian and his huge reality TV family. However, it appears that amid her already explosive and public custody battle with the only Kardashian son, she started more drama with someone else in the clan – Khloe Kardashian!

Chyna took to social media to share an ambiguous message on her IG account and fans were quick to start assuming it was about Khloe!

Fans of KUWK know that in the newest episodes, Khloe and her sister Kourtney have been feuding, so, does Chyna want to be a part of their drama?

While watching the latest episode a couple of days ago, Khloe was live-tweeting her reactions and opinions as it went.

One of her tweets read: ‘I would demolish Kourt’s a** lol don’t play. I’m 5’10”. She’s 5 feet on a good day. #KUWTK.’

Well, it sounds like Chyna is confident she can take her in spite of her height since she posted on IG Stories: ‘What about 5’2? [thinking emoji]’ seemingly addressing Khloe!

It does make a lot of sense that Chyna was indeed trying to taunt Khloe and provoke her to a fight.

Fans were quick to react, writing things like: ‘Nobody’s noticing that Blac Chyna asked Khloe for a fight??’ / ‘Chyna said she’s 5’2″ what’s good now Khloe.’ / ‘Blac Chyna wants to fight Khloe?? For what exactly??’ / ‘Khloe said she’ll demolish Kourtney cause she 5’10’ / ‘Kourtney only 5 feet and this b***h blac chyna gone post and say what about 5’2.’

While it sounds like some were confused about the reason why Chyna was trying to fight Khloe, it’s clear that she’s just not a big fan of the Kardashians in general after all that happened between her and Rob.

In fact, their beef continues as she and Rob are caught in a custody war over their daughter, Dream

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