Bit%h In Your Dreams…?Janet Jackson Says Son Eissa Is ‘Incredibly Musical’ and Copies Uncle Michael’s Moves

Janet Jackson is seeing signs of a little performer in her almost 3-year-old son, Eissa!

The 53-year-old singer gave a radio interview to Australia’s Carrie & Tommy on Wednesday, and gushed that Eissa seems to be following in her famous family’s footsteps, literally. 

Calling her little guy “incredibly musical,” Janet told the show’s hosts, “He loves the drums, violin, guitar, piano. He plays. He really enjoys it. He makes up melodies, he carries a tune, he has really good pitch, really good pitch.”

Eissa even has some familiar moves already down. 

He does this thing that my brother did from ‘Doesn’t Really Care About Us,’ the march and the hand,” Janet said, comparing her son to her late brother, Michael Jackson. “He does a few things. He does the head. He loves ‘Smooth Criminal.'”

Though he’s got the moves, Janet insisted that she’d support her son no matter what he decides to do. “It’s really about what he wants to do with his life,” she said. 

These days, Janet is taking on the role of a single mom after splitting from husband Wissam Al Mana in 2017. Despite her busy schedule, the music icon has opted not to have a nanny for her son. 

“I don’t have a nanny. It’s very tiring,” Jackson admitted. “You never get enough sleep, never get enough sleep. And he always wakes me up, ‘Mama? Mama get up. Mama get up please.'”

Regardless of the challenges, it’s all worth it for the proud mom. “He’s the reason I breathe. He’s my heart,” Janet mused. 

As for why the pop superstar chooses not to have any help with her young son and challenging career, Jackson explained, “My mother [Katherine Jackson] did it. Her mother did it. Why can’t I? I’m sure I’ll need someone in the future, some help, but I don’t have anyone and I love it.” 

Over the past few years as a mom, Janet confessed that her patience has been tested. 

“I’ve always been a patient person, but there’s more patience that you have to have and I never knew I was as patient as I really am,” she said. “He’s first and foremost in my life. I get up, I go to sleep, everything is about him. He comes first in my life.”

As for what wisdom she wants to instill her in son, Janet advised, “Keeping God very close to you, always, respecting others, but also make sure they respect you. Always follow your heart. Listen to your gut.”

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