Bitch You Can’t FIT In The Bed…


I’m curious, ladies, and our bro-host, for right now, some people save the key to a happy relationship is sleeping in in separate beds. Do you think their is truth to that?” Loni, 48, asked around the table. The actor admitted that he and his wife don’t sleep in separate beds and how older couples “tend to not sleep in the same bedroom.”

All Loni Love is trying to do at night, is catch some sleep! The talk show host opened up about her boyfriend James Welsh on The Realon Friday, September 27, and revealed that they don’t like to sleep in the same bed!

The Girls Trip star is the father to three kids and he added how children can affect a couple’s sleeping arrangement. He continued, “Personal space, you’ve been with someone, you have to have your personal space. So I have a little personal space. I’ve got my little office. My children each have their own little rooms, but they also have their personal space, collectively. They have their little play room, and all of them go in there, and they play games and do their little thing. And we believe in personal space. But I don’t know if the answer is to sleep in different beds.”

The group asked if Loni and James sleep in several bedrooms. She said, “We do not live together. But when he sleeps over, he sleeps so bad that I kick him out the bed and make him sleep. Because I got two bedrooms, and I make him sleep.”

Loni quipped, “That’s why I’m saying, if we were to live together, I really, seriously doubt if I could sleep in the same bed with him at night, because he really sleeps. James sleeps bad. It’s like, I’m halfway out the bed. He sleeps diagonal.”

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