Bitch Pay Ya Bills…BLAC CHYNA JUDGE SAYS SHE’S GOTTA PAY $72K … To Former Landlord

Blac Chyna’s gotta write a fat check to her former landlord for allegedly bailing on her lease and not paying rent … because she didn’t even bother to fight the lawsuit against her.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … BC’s been ordered to fork over nearly $72,000 to Michael Kremerman, who sued her for unpaid rent and damages to the rental home.

It’s a default judgment, meaning the judge ruled for Kremerman because Chyna never responded to the suit.

As we first reported … the landlord filed suit against Blac Chyna back in April, claiming she bolted on her lease 5 months early, didn’t pay a dime after leaving and removed fixtures and equipment from the pad.

The landlord said BC was $48,546 in the red, and he sued for that amount plus interest and attorney’s fees … hence the $72k judgment.

The expensive lesson here for Chyna — no such thing as free rent

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