Birdman Postpones Wedding Date w/ Toni Braxton – Indefinitely!!

Toni Braxton and Cash Money CEO Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams have been engaged now for almost two years – and apparently they’re not getting married anytime soon..

Back in February, there were rumors that Toni Braxton and Birdman had secretly eloped. The rumors started swirling on social media, after one of Toni’s sisters referred to Birdman as her “brother-in-law.”

Well it turns out they never actually tied the knot. And now with the coronavirus outbreak, Birdman has postponed their wedding “indefinitely.”

But the two are still together and haven’t broken up . .. yet.

In a recent interview with The Ricky Smiley Show, Toni Braxton said that she and Birdman are still together, but both have decided to keep their relationship much more private. 

Toni also told Ricky that she expects, however, that she and Birdman and will get married this year and didn’t say exactly WHAT would happen if he delays their wedding any longer.

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