Bill Cosby Files Another Petition To Have PA Supreme Court Review Sex Assault Case Amid ‘#MeToo Hysteria’

The disgraced comedian insists he’s innocent

Bill Cosby has filed another petition to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Thursday, January 9, arguing that his case was mishandled amid the “#Metoo hysteria,” can exclusively reveal.

According to Cosby’s lawyer, Andrew Wyatt, “Mr. Cosby’s legal team filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania asking the high court to review his case to consider the vital important questions about the impact of #metoo hysteria on the bedrock principles of our criminal justice system.”

“The lower courts stripped Mr. Cosby of his most sacred constitutional guarantees of Due Process and the presumption of innocence when they permitted the jury to hear, and base its verdict on, decades-old, unproven allegations of multiple women,” the lawyer continued.

Cosby’s legal argued that the trial was unfair and the verdict should be appealed.

In the petition, Cosby claimed that the his fate was “influenced by public panic.”

“The outcomes were deeply influenced by public panic fueled by the nature of the allegation lodged, the media, and other special interest groups,” the petition said.

As Radar previously reported, Cosby, 82, attempted to appeal his case once before to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, in June 2019, but the judge denied it.

The court filed their decision on January 10, unanimously rejecting Cosby’s legal team’s argument that he was denied a fair trial.

In the ruling, which upheld the verdict by the lower court, the appellate judges said they disagreed with Cosby’s lawyers and found the testimony of other women who said the legendary TV star had drugged and raped them was admissible, and “established Appellant’s unique sexual assault playbook.”

Presiding Judge John Bender wrote: “Indeed, not only did the PBA (Prior Bad Acts) evidence tend to establish a predictable pattern of criminal sexual behavior unique to Appellant, it simultaneously tended to undermine any claim that Appellant was unaware of or mistaken about Victim’s failure to consent to the sexual contact that formed the basis of the aggravated indecent assault charges. Thus, both exceptions applied to the circumstances of this case.”

The disgraced comedian has been serving a three-to-10-year sentence at a maximum-security facility outside of Philadelphia after he was found guilty in 2018 of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

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