Beyoncé’s mom endorses and rocks Ghanaian brand

The mogul mom, Tina Knowles has shared a picture of herself rocking a Christie Brown elegant suit on Instagram.

American businesswomen and fashion designer, Tina Knowles has shared a picture of herself rocking gorgeous apparel made by Ghanaian designer, Christie Brown. 

The mogul mom and style icon who recently revealed in an interview how she curated a holiday collection for Caché, Solange’s wedding looks and designing for Destiny’s Child praised the top Ghanaian brand for its creativity and originality. 

Tina took to Instagram to post “Hi This suit is by Christie Brown, a talented Ghanaian designer. She mixes traditional African prints with pinstripes and the pants are very cool. I got it in Ghana”.

Although her daughters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are known for their flawless senses of style and are fashion icons in their own rights, mother Tina Knowles definitely had a huge part in shaping their styles and we are happy she loves Ghanaian designs. 

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