‘Beat That Ass’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Applaud Tati for Running Up on London

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers are choosing sides between Tati and newcomer London in their recent beef.

“S–t hit the fan” during this week’s episode after Tati threw blows with London for seemingly overstepping her boundaries with the crew. 

The “Black Ink” cast mates took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, to commemorate Miss Kitty‘s late mother. However, things took a left when the shop’s new events coordinator disrespected Kitty by constantly mentioning work when the crew was there to spread Kit’s mom’s ashes.

The brand ambassador was seconds from putting her claws on London and instead decided to let it go. Tati, on the other hand blasted the new hire for disrespecting Kit, but her ex-boyfriend Teddy Ruks intervened and shut Tati down. He told London she just needed more time to get adjusted to being in the group. It seemed like London took Ruks and her other cast mates’ advice to heart, but it unfortunately backfired on her.

During Wednesday night’s episode, London thought it would be a great idea to throw a pool party for Kitty and invited a slew of local tattoo artists to the crew’s Memphis house rental. Nonetheless, when Kitty and boss man Ceaser Emanuel arrived at the house and witnessed the pool, all chaos broke loose. 

Kitty confronted the new events coordinator and went off, telling her that she “overstepped” her bounds and the trip wasn’t about her. After she walked, Tati chimed in and told London to end the party, but she refused to. Tati then bum-rushed London, slapped her face and pulled her hair. Security eventually intervened and ended the fight.

Black Ink” viewers commended Tati for putting hands on London, claiming the girl was in the wrong for seemingly disrespecting Kit’s wishes. 

“Beat that ass Tati! ?? ?? Is London f–kin dumb ?????? Whole trip she’s been told not to network, y’all there for kit support n she just keep pushing it”

“The fact that she tried to be all hard and keep the party going then when Tati started throwing shxt and coming to beat her ass then she wanna hide behind Teddy and security ?. London a bird ??”

“Tati is a real friend ?? Go Tati ❤️ for whooping that dumbass b–ch. She knew it was for her mom and not BUSINESS. Now she looks rude and stupid on tv.”

“Go Tati!! Periodtt sis!! ?? The entire trip was for her mother. Her mother just DIED. London needs to GO. Delete. Canceled.”

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