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Wendy Williams Said A Girl Group Tried To Jump Her…Social Media Figured Out Which One

When you work in entertainment news, there’s a good chance you’re going to get your hands dirty. Radio turned daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams knows all about this. She’s had a fair share of fall-outs with several celebrities including Whitney Houston, Diddy, 50 Cent and a few more.

During her Hot Topics segment, Williams spoke about Amanda Seales and her Emmy party drama. Wendy believes that Amanda did the wrong thing by continuing to speak publicly about the incident. And to prove her point, she shared a time when her commentary almost turned into a physical altercation with an unnamed girl group.

Let me tell you something and this is a real story that will be played out on my Lifetime biography, which comes out in February. Once upon a time, there was a music mogul who sent his all girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station. Fact. Fact! I finished my shift, wound up my headphones, put my bag in the crook of my arm and see everybody lined up at the window, looking down on the sidewalk. I just work. I had coworkers that weren’t friends.

My new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin—but this is when he was the good Kevin, right? I’m walking in the elevator with my intern Skeletor. And I’m like why is everybody looking down at the sidewalk. I mean noses were pressed to the glass. And I get downstairs and find this girl group jump out of a gypsy cab come after me to kick my ass. And I’m like ‘For what?’ You know what I said was true, you all are broke and living in the projects. And that was that. But the point I’m making is, Amanda—I get back on the radio and talk about it. What I did was desire to do better so I can have a purple chair and talk about it and have it all play out in the Lifetime movie. So, Amanda, I’m sorry what happened to you. I need to know more of the story.”

Wendy’s recollection of events aren’t entirely accurate. She did speak about the incident later, in an interview. And she revealed the identity of the women who wanted to lay hands.

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