Be a Father!’: ‘GUHHNY’ Fans Slam Flavor Flav After He Refuses to Collaborate with His Kids for Music Project

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York” viewers are currently attacking Public Enemy musician Flavor Flav and his parenting methods. 

The “Fight the Power” rapper received backlash this week for declining to help three of his children with their music collaboration.

Thursday night’s episode kicked off with his daughter Da’Zyna Drayton and two of his sons, William and Quan Drayton, meeting Flav at the studio to hear a music track they produced. The kids had apparently had a hard time getting in contact with their father and were over the moon when he finally answered the phone.

The veteran rap artist made his way to the studio, met up with his kids and listened to Quan’s new record. At one point he even teared up and expressed how proud he was of his son for writing his own lyrics. His daughter Da’Zyna pitched the song to Flav and asked if he could lay a few ad libs on the track. The father of seven hesitated for a moment before relaying that he was stuck between a “rock and a hard place.” He then told his children he couldn’t do the record due to “real important meetings” he had to tend to. 

Da’Zyna reiterated to her father that her and her brothers didn’t need “much” of his “time,” but Flav wasn’t budging. Da’Zyna even added in her confessional, “It’s frustrating. This isn’t not a lot that we asking you for. You haven’t done a lot. So you can make the time for us.”

“GUHHNY” fans seemed to agree with Zyna’s comments about her father, slamming Flav for his seemingly “selfish” actions.

Still selfish i see ? The look of disappointment on their faces smh. And the oldest son looks and sounds just like him.”

“Flavor Flav need to help his kids!! Be a father to them and help them! Damn all he want is some adlibs you’re in the studio right now you can’t do that”

“Flav is full of it! ?? He doesnt even have to be in the studio. Put your adlibs down and send it back. Its the age of technology! He can give those kids 1 hour to lay the track down.”

Others defended Flav.

“Why ask this man for a favor and throw in ‘he ain’t sh-t’ to his face ??‍♀️???”

“He tryna let you know gently ya music don’t slap for him. That’s why he don’t wanna do it”

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