Basketball Wives’ Shaunie O’Neal Denies She’s Biased Or Colorist

Basketball Wives star and executive producer of the show Shaunie O’Neal has denied claims by viewers of the show that she is biased towards certain cast members.

Shaunie also denied that she has taken a back seat and allowed the colorism controversy to spiral during the current season of the show.

 ‘You don’t say anything to Evelyn.’ The thing about Evelyn and I, we have been friends for – Jesus, about 15 years. I’m able to, I literally talk to her in some capacity every single day, whether it’s text or phone call. So all of our conversations are not on camera, and it’s naturally not on camera because technically on camera, it’s real, but we talk so much it’s not, you not even getting our super real conversations,” she explained via her social media.

Shaunie continued: “When I have something to say to her, most times it’s not on camera because we talk all the damn time. So, you know, you guys say I don’t hold her accountable, yes the hell I do. I do. We talk about everything. When she did her thing in Costa Rica, literally, and she could tell you this, I told her, ‘You’re buggin’, that was too much.’ I told her she was going to want to go on vacation when that airs because she’s going to be mad at herself. Now, you know, it is what it is, and it’s just entertainment guys. Don’t get so invested. You’re getting all of about three percent of our real lives. Trust me.”The ladies of the show, namely Evelyn Lozada, have been accused of colorism and of bullying newbie OG.

Shaunie says it’s just a job. Y’all agree?

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