Baby Mama: Offset Cut Child Support When I Refused To Cheat On Cardi w/ Him!!

Cardi B’s husband Offset is being accused of cutting his baby’s mother’s child support payments because she has refused to sleep with the married rapper.

Nicole Algarin, the Migos member’s ex-lover recently took Offset to court, to have her child support payments increased. Her lawyer told media this week that the beautiful baby mama is struggling to provide for her two kids because Offset cut her child support payments.

And Nicole claims that Offset is cutting payments – because she refuses to have sex with him.

Nicole first alluded to him in an Instagram posting.

Here is the post, where she suggests that around the time of the birth of Offset’s daughter Karma, she changed up the rules on the Migos rapper.

Added to that, Nicole later gave an interview with the IG blog OnSite, and dropped a bomb – listen above.

According to Nicole, Offset isn’t helping financially because she’s refusing to have sex with him. She told Onsite’s host Milagro, “It’s a little bit easier to get what you need and what you want from somebody if you’re abiding by their rules.”

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