B2Ks J Boog Accused Of ‘F*cking’ Omarion Mom At Love & Hiphop Reunion!!

The drama surrounding the 2000s boy band B2K is getting more and more scandalous.

A few months ago, MTO News first reported to you that Omarion’s former bandmate and friend, Lil Fizz, was sleeping with his babies’ mother Apryl Jones; a relationship the two finally confirmed on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Now there appears to be more bad news for Omarion. According to sources close to production of Love & Hip Hop, J Boog another bandmate of Omarion, is now being accused of sleeping with his mother, Leslie, a few years back. 

The explosive allegations were levied against J Boog during the taping of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show.

Both J Boog and Omarion’s mom are currently part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood franchise. Leslie appeared on the show for the first two seasons – and J Boog is a currently part of the show.

The crazy allegation against J Boog and Leslie was caught by the VH1 cameras, and we’re told that it’s expected to be “played up” when the reunion show finally airs in a few weeks.

So far neither Leslie nor J Boog have commented publicly about the allegations.

Word On The Curb..

Apryl Jones is hawking adult products on social media amid the heat she’s been receiving for dating Lil Fizz. 

The reality star posted a video promoting an essential oil that “can be used as a sex lube intensifying sexual arousal and assisting with tightness and wetness. This natural blend can also be used for uterine care like anti-inflammation, antibacterial, odor/sweatiness and so much more!!!” 

Jones posted a video that included her rolling around on her bed holding the product. She describes to her fans the many ways to use the oil. 

The reality star seems to be using the newfound attention on her, good or bad, to make some money.

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