#AzrielClary Shares #RKelly Recorded Her Eating Her Own Feces!

In a new documentary, R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary shares more details about what it was like to be in a relationship with the Grammy Award-winning singer

Clary previously talked about the poor treatment she received from Kelly in recent interviews. However, Asis Entertainment Network just released a small clip of a new doc titled Precedence, where she reveals that Kelly once forced her to eat her own feces!

In the clip, Clary can be heard saying, “He has a video of me… he made me do this video actually of me… doing a number two in a cup, and then eating it out of the cup.”

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1 thought on “#AzrielClary Shares #RKelly Recorded Her Eating Her Own Feces!

  1. Absolutely ridiculous I’m so tired of this bitch she stayed for 4 years if r Kelly was doing all this shit why she never left wen he got locked up no she wanna ride up and down Chicago in his rides why she never drove to the police station dum ass was she eating shit wen she was having her breast done or getting money idiot # free Kells # make it make sense # she ain’t never gonna turn right Kelly’s true fans against him !!!!

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