Azriel Clary shuns film where she revealed that R. Kelly made her eat feces

Azriel Clary reportedly does not support an upcoming documentary where she revealed shocking details about her relationship with R. Kelly. On March 14, Clary responded to someone on Instagram who asked her about an upcoming documentary produced by AsIs Entertainment.

“I don’t support it,” Clary wrote. “Nor do I support someone who records and leaks someone unwillingly saying the most degrading humiliating thing that should never be publicized just to get a documentary sold.”

On Friday, March 6, 2020, AsIs Entertainment released a clip from an upcoming documentary titled Precedence. In the clip, Clary recalls when Kelly allegedly forced her to eat her own feces out of a cup on camera.

“He has a video of me — he made me do this video, actually — doing a No. 2 in a cup and then eating it out of a cup,” Clary said in a clip of her speaking to a federal agent on the phone.

In another clip, Clary appears to be on a phone call with Kelly, who is currently in jail awaiting trial.

Kelly allegedly has a fetish for body fluids and excrement. In 2019, Kelly’s former girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage told NPR that Kelly would urinate on girls and make them swallow. But if they threw up the urine, he would allegedly force them to involve human feces into the sexual act.

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