Azriel Clary Rips Up R. Kelly Jacket On Instagram Live

Azriel Clary, the alleged former victim, and ex-girlfriend of disgraced singer R. Kelly took to Instagram Live to tear up a jacket she says used to belong to the imprisoned star.

“Clothes were not manipulating me. A man was — the man who was supplying everything. You sound stupid. You sound very, very stupid supporting someone whom you now know of abusing people. How degrading can you be?” Azriel says in the video.

You can’t be mad at me because I’m healing, and I’m healing amazingly. Don’t f*ck with me. Let me be happy. Let me live my life,” she continued.

They think because they buy you stuff they deserve to treat you however they want to treat you, and that is not reality,” she added.

Azriel recently shared that she has been receiving therapy for the abuses she says she faced at the hands of R. Kelly.

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