Azriel Clary: ‘R. Kelly Beat Me With Nike Shoes & Forced Me To Have Sex Multiple Times A Day!!’

R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and alleged victim, Azriel Clary, has spoken out for the first time about the abuse for the first time – alleging that Kelly forced her to have sex multiple times a day and that he even beat her with his Nike Air Force One sneakers.

Azriel surprisingly broke the news to the British publication, The Sun:

“Robert has his live-in girlfriends, he has girlfriends in every city. He has flings in every city.” She said that it was unlikely that they would all come forward as Kelly is known for seeking out blackmail information to keep his victims silent.

He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down, he makes them sign it. And I think a lot of women are ashamed or embarrassed to come out because of stuff like that. Because it’ll be incriminating them. There’s so much stuff. He has letters of people saying that they’ve stole from him.”

She adds, “He has letters from people saying that they’ve been molested or touched by their parents or their brothers or a family member. He even has people on film molesting their younger nieces or younger brothers. And so, I know a lot of women out there are embarrassed, and are humiliated, and are ashamed to come out because, ‘This man had that much power to control me, to molest my them younger niece or to molest my younger brother,’” she said putting herself in their shoes.

She recalled a time when Kelly reportedly found Azriel talking to one of her high school friends. She says under Kelly’s rule, this was not allowed. She was then beaten, and after the beating, another woman washed her in his bathtub while he watched.

“And he beat me all over, it felt like hours, and I was covered in welts all the way from my neck down.”

She shared, “No one was ever vocal because whether you were vocal or not, he would still beat you. It was easier pleasing him then getting beat every other day…and everyone learned that very quickly.”

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