Azealia Banks Condemns Frank Ocean For Promoting PREP / Urges Men & Women To Have Safe Sex

Azealia Banks believes pills which are said to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS are encouraging men to engage in high-risk sexual behaviour.

Find out how Frank Ocean finds himself caught up in her criticism below…

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and is to be taken before the risk of exposure to HIV and, according to its manufacturers, is to be taken four times a week by those who planning to have unprotected anal sex.

Now, after learning that Frank Ocean is planning to launch a business named after the pill, Banks took to social media to argue that its proponents are being deceptive when they claim that it protects those who use it from harm, and fail to take into account the number of people who now believe it gives them a pass to engage in a high-risk sexual activity…forgetting that it won’t protect them other life-threatening STDs.

Back in April 41 patients who are either living with AIDS or used PrEP filed a personal injury lawsuit against a company named Gilead Sciences Inc because it failed to disclose that the pill was “highly toxic in the doses prescribed and risked permanent and possibly fatal damage to the kidneys and bones.

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