Azealia Banks attacks Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Doja Cat in lengthy Instagram rant

Rapper Azealia Banks launched a scathing attack on Nicki Minaj for collaborating with Doja Cat.

With Doja Cat scoring her first US number one for her remix of “Say So”, Banks took to Instagram Stories to criticise Minaj for collaborating with the pop star who had been accused of releasing music containing racial slurs.

The famously outspoken rapper, said: “Another thing that I find f***ing funny, Nicki, is for all the f***ing mouth you have for Cardi B for talking s*** about black women, now you quiet because you got your little number one with this white bi**

You a p***y a** b**** for that. You should’ve got right on that Queen Radio and you put that bitch down in the ground where the f*** she belongs.u

Now I’m looking back at it, you was just jealous of Cardi. You was just jealous because she’s got more swag than you.”

Despite admitting that she still thought Cardi B was “trash” and would never call her a better artist than Minaj, Banks said that she was “disappointed” in the “Anaconda” rapper. 

“All that s*** you talk about female rap and female this and female that, look at you selling out, keeping quiet,” Banks said.

After a week of controversy, Doja Cat was forced to deny being part of a “white supremacist chatroom”, releasing a statement on Twitter on Sunday (24 May) before taking to Instagram Live on Monday (25 May) to address the controversy herself.

During the live stream, the 24-year-old singer also denied “stripping for white supremacists”, mocking police brutality and deliberately mispronouncing Beyoncé’s name.

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