Azaelia Banks: Rihanna Is Fat And BALD!! (‘Where Are Her Edges’)

Rihanna is getting dragged for filth, by rival female artist Azaelia Banks. The two have been feuding now for years, but Azaelia is ratcheting things up – and is being very disrespectful towards Rihanna.

In a new Instagram post, Azaelia calls Rihanna “fat” and claims that he Bajan singer is “bald” underneath her wig.

Back then, according to Azaelia, Rihanna was pretty, thin, and had nice hair. But that was nearly a decade ago, and Rihanna looks a lot different now.

Azaelia dragged Rihanna, saying now Rih “has no edges” and is “fat.” And Azaelia suggests that Rihanna may have been on drugs also. The spicy rapper told Riihanna in the video, “Good luck losing the weight with your coke metabolism.”

Azaelia claims that when Rihanna was skinny and “pretty”, she went in on [Azaeliia] for being dark skin with no edges. But now that Rihanna’s no longer skinny, she’s pushing body positivity.

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