Atlanta’s Magic City Strip Club Offering Virtual Strip Services Amid Coronavirus Closure

Coronavirus has closed all avenues of entertainment from live concerts to sporting events, and even your local arcade. One industry that usually remains open no matter what happens in the world is the strip club. In Atlanta, even mayor Keisha Bottoms has had to address the fact strip clubs are still packed, even under orders to practice social distancing.

Now that things have gotten more serious as the dreaded coronavirus spreads, the strip clubs have finally come to a close. This is yet another blow to the revenue these businesses are fighting for in a time when OnlyFans has begun to dominate the adult entertainment industry. With OnlyFans surging, not only does it take away dollars from the strip club, but the dancers that work there as well. It’s a lot safer for the dancers to make content in their own home and sell it, avoiding not only perverted customers crossing the line but also avoiding coming in contact with COVID-19.

But one strip club, in particular, isn’t going down without a fight. Atlanta’s notorious Magic City took to Instagram on Friday to let their followers and customers know the show must go on. Magic City announced it would offer virtual strip services to users who pay $20 to be added to their close friend’s list for 24 hours. As far as what services will be offered, the post listed interactive stage sets and interactive lap dances. Leave it to Magic City to get creative and provide the strippers even during a pandemic!

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