ATL Rapper Russ Pulls Up On Guapdad 4000 & Swiftly Lays Hands On Him For Talking Slick

Bay Area rapper Guapdad 4000 has had a pretty good past 12 months. Last year, when Drake was on tour with The Migos, he finessed Drake into making an appearance at his party. Might not seem like a big deal, but the party was advertised as a Drake after party–which Drake actually knew nothing about, but Guapdad still got him to show up via Instagram. Makes sense why Guapdad is a self-declared scamming genius.

In January, he was one of the artists invited to J. Cole’s rap camp for his Revenge Of The Dreamers sessions at Tree Sound Studios. He ended up making the cut and had the stand out chorus on the track “Costa Rica,” also landing another feature on “Wells Fargo”–makes sense to have the top scam rapper on a track named after a financial institution.

With all the attention from the Dreamville project, Guapdad has been staying busy prepping his newly released project, Dior Deposits. With all this happening for his career, what could go wrong? Well, it all turned left when he mentioned the Atlanta rapper Russ.

Russ usually keeps to himself,  just touring the world with all of his sold out shows. But when someone mentions him, he pulls up with the smoke… Well, most the time he sends his security to handle the situation. When internet personality Adam 22 was talking reckless about the rapper, he was at the nail salon minding his business when someone allegedly attacked him on behalf of Russ, mafia boss style.

As if this wasn’t enough to let artists know that Russ wasn’t for the slick talk, he also allegedly had the rapper Smokepurp jumped at one of his shows.

On Guapdad’s new album, he takes a very small jab at Russ on his track, “Prada Process” featuring 6lack. On the song, he has a line that goes “You doin’ right but we don’t care, we call that doin’ Russ”. Not even 24 hours after the release of the track, both Russ & Guapdad were scheduled to perform at the Mala Luna festival in San Antonio, Texas. With Guapdad 4000 being the opener and Russ being the headliner, Russ took it upon himself to show up earlier to see what the diss was all about.

Russ ended up approaching his trailer, but before Guapdad could even explain himself, Russ allegedly slapped the ever-loving taste out of his mouth. In the video–which ended up getting leaked to social media–you can hear the slap echo through your phone, then see Guapdad get out of harm’s way while the rest of his team took a beating and he escaped through a crack in the fence.

After the altercation, Guapdad took to Instagram to call out Russ and ask for the one vs one. However, Russ never showed back up for that direct fade.

If you’re the organizer of a festival, you really can’t try and hold your headliner accountable or cut their set, because you can’t leave thousands of fans disappointed. We’ve seen this all before: when the headliner doesn’t show up on that stage, it damn near starts a riot.

Russ also decided to hop on Instagram to comment on the video Guapdad released stating what happened. Russ explained the situation from his perspective and it makes a lot of sense, but did he have to go so hard? The line doesn’t even seem that serious.

It looks like Russ is restoring the feeling in hip-hop and figured, “why not check him just to let people know they can’t play with his name?”

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