As The Hoes Turn Tricks.. Trick Daddy’s GF Has Wig Ripped Off On Love & Hip Hop – She’s Bald Too!

This weekend, a picture of Trick Daddy was released – showing that the Florida rapper has a severely receded hairline.

Well, it turns out that his reality star girlfriend Nikki also has a receding hairline. And it was exposed this weekend as well.

The People has confirmed that on Saturday, Nikki was filming a scene for the new season of Love & Hip Hop Miami – when she was jumped by other cast members.

According to our top snitches in production, Nikki was mouthing off to fellow cast members Hood Brat and Sukihana – and the two girls jumped her.

One producer explained, “Nikki tried to press Sukihana over something she said about Trick [Daddy]. It didn’t go well for her.”

The producer continued, “Sukihana and Hood Brat beat her and ripped off her wig. What’s crazy is that underneath the wig her head was bald.”

We’re told that Nikki appears to suffer from either alopecia or some other ailment that effects the scalp.

The footage was captured and is expected to be aired on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Miami.

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